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Ashtron UK Ltd is a rapidly growing multi discipline group delivering Property, Educational and Consultancy Solutions to the UK and European markets. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of live and the livelihoods of our clients. This is done by delivering a complete set of Property solutions to our ever growing clientele. Also providing a comprehensive set of training courses and advice that enhances the chances of our clients to gain meaningful employment. Our Consultancy division comprises of Financial, Business, Management, Quality, Eco Technology, Networking and Surveillance Solutions. In the Networking and Surveillance division we design, install, implement, support the deliver quality video surveillance solutions with special emphasis on IP based Security techniques. Our unique combination of skills and experience in telecommunications, integrated networks, information technologies and technical training enables Ashtron to successfully address the full spectrum of our customers ever increasing requirements.

Our diverse customer base includes clients in the commercial, government, banking and oil sectors. Headed by highly successful executives with strong telecommunications, networking, and education industry experience – Ashtron UK has the vision and recourses to develop and support the next generation of solutions and entrepreneurial talent in the UK and Europe.



  Ashtron UK Limited
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