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Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR


Increasing demand in areas of passenger safety and fleet management has resulted in the development of mobile Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology. In the recent past the use of mobile dvr had grown up many times.

Where Mobile DVR is in demand?
Demand for Passenger Safety:

  • Crime prevention in public transport
Demand for Vehicle Safety:
  • Road Accident
  • Evidence for the insurance
  • Vehicle Property Damage

Fleet Management

  • Driver Behavior
  • Vehicle Location Tracking / Routine Tracking
  • Bus Fare Monitoring
  • Live view transfer (call by control center)
  • Speed/ Event check after vehicle download recorder video

DVR Function / Feature (Unique Function)

  • Auto Start-up Timer
  • Auto Delay Shut-Down; (Ignition connection)
  • USB 2.0 OTG (PC / Mobile Drive)
  • Lock Event file (no overwrite with normal recording)
  • Optional built-in HDD heater/ controller
  • Docking Station to make removable DVR modules

Special Anti-vibration Design

LEVEL 1 : Using Built-in HDD floating design;
(Effectively frequency at : 160HZ~5KHZ,
reduce vibration at 10~30dB)

LEVEL 2: Enhance anti-vibration absorber;
(Effectively frequency at : 20HZ~200HZ)

LEVEL 3 : MDR unique Digital Data Storage (DDS) design
– Provided optimized buffer memory, to reduce writing times to hard
disk during recording process.
– It is substantially eliminate the possibility of writing errors to HDD
during vehicle moving, also increase the product life of HDD

Advance Testing Equipment:
– Testing with advance vibration analyzer (Data Physics) to check with resonant
frequency for HDD while vehicle in motion

GPS Function / Feature

  • GPS Provide Longitude / Latitude
  • Provide Speed Capture
  • Time Synchronization

Car Activity Record (Meta Data Capture)

Totally 8 definable sensors (NO/ NC/ Analog)
– Speed (2 level of over-speed alarm trigger set by user)
– Temperature
– Oil Level
– Car Door Open/ Close
– Turning Direction (Left/ Right/ Reverse/ Parking)
– Brake On/ Off

Inertia Sensor (X, Y, Z) (with separate I/O)

Car Activity Record (External Device Data Capture)
Totally 3 definable RS232s and 1 RS485, can capture input data from:
– Card Reader (Use for update Driver ID or Passage Counting)
Radar Speed Gun (for Police use)
– Wireless Microphone (use for record trigger)
– Taxi Meter
– External GPS device (match with existing in-car device)

Mobile DVR Central Management System (CMS) Program

  • Online GPS location for each vehicles (support multi-unit)
  • Detail for each vehicles will shown on-screen
  • Live view request by Center (via GPRS)
  • Alarm trigger from vehicle
  • Alert setup when vehicle out of assigned routes
  • Remote setup of the system
  • Instant SMS broadcast

Mobile DVR Analysis of Records

  • Offline analysis full details of recorded video
  • 4-8 Channels playback at same time
  • Vehicle tracking history (GPS)
  • Advance Database Search System
  • Alarm Event Show vs. record time
  • Speed Plot vs. record time
  • Playback at desired location




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